Heather Schneider for Mayor

Letter from Heather – November 8, 2023

Well, the outcome isn’t what we had hoped for…but it sure was a great ride and I don’t regret throwing my hat into the City of Golden mayoral race. Congratulations to Mayor Laura Weinberg, District 1 Councilor Lisa Vitry and District 2 Councilor Patty Evans.

I want to offer a special acknowledgment to all  the people who believed in me and our campaign. We started off with a core local team and then, as we gained momentum, like-minded Goldenites jumped onboard along the way. There were so many times when things got tough or when election day felt years away, but we all just hunkered down, strategized and executed beautifully as a team.

I also want to give a big thanks to all the incredible people I met along the campaign trail. I’ve learned that one of the greatest pleasures of running for public office is you get to know people that you otherwise might not have, and you get to see how many people truly care and believe in this city. And that includes every single candidate – all 11 of us(!) – who ran for mayor and district city councilors. It was the first time in the history of Golden that five people ran for mayor which was an unprecedented field of candidates.

When we look at how the numbers polled out, Mayor Weinberg won despite a majority of Golden residents voting against her – 52.5% against, 47.5% for. Though this is not a mandate nor a position of strength, I do hope the “silver lining” of this journey might lead her to be a better, more responsive, mayor over the next four years because a majority of Golden residents have signaled that they want a change.

Overwhelmingly, we heard common themes for the need to:

  • Get our city to get to a back-to-basics approach that focuses on core services for the “health, safety and welfare” of its residents and businesses.
  • Prioritize serious conversations about our City budget so that we can navigate through unexpected emergencies or revenue decreases without resorting to drastic measures like laying off staff or cutting essential services.
  • Foster transparency in city government so that we can restore its credibility to residents. We vote in, and should be able to trust, our mayor and city councilors to LISTEN and actively engage with all constituents to make sound judgments that ultimately affect the livelihood of our community.
  • Protect the character of our city by bringing back the focus on residents to make them feel welcome again in their own town.
  • Build bridges and make the connections that rally Goldenites together.

To close, Golden residents and businesses have always leaned into the hard work. We join arms, and we get involved. And together, we’ve woven that commitment to each other into the character of our city. It is, in many ways, what it means to be a “Goldenite.”

So, let’s “turn lemons into lemonade” and continue to dig into the work together, protect our heritage, embrace our own, and we’ll build a stronger, more prosperous city around shared vision and common sense to keep Golden the truly unique community, we all love.

Yours in Golden,

Heather Schneider
Golden Native and Golden Resident


I believe in common-sense leadership with a back-to-basics approach that makes our city government transparent and restores credibility. Here are four key areas that I am focusing on:

1. Focus on Core City Services
  • Fund the Golden Fire Department with existing money, not new taxes.
  • Properly staff the Golden Police Department.
  • Collaborative Clear Creek Management so all can enjoy our creek.
  • Explore new ways to reduce traffic issues.
  • A balanced approach to homelessness and the unhoused.
2. Fiscal Responsibility
  • Use our City’s General Reserve Fund Wisely.
  • Use taxpayer funds wisely!
  • Build the Heart of Golden plan responsibly.
  • Workforce Housing for Golden
  • Help Small Businesses thrive.
3. Service & Leadership
  • Valuing Golden’s Senior Citizens
  • Conduct Listening Tours.
  • Promote volunteerism to build strong connections in our community.
4. Championing Golden's Character
  • Keep our events WHERE they are, WHEN they are.
  • Preserve our Small-Town Character.
  • Create a Future Town Square.