“In just two weeks we Golden voters will cast our ballots in one of the most difficult City Council elections in many years. Four years ago I strongly supported Laura Weinberg but this year I am casting my ballot for Heather Schneider and I hope you will do the same.

Both of these women are smart and energetic and both have the best interests of Golden in their hearts. However, I believe, the current trend of growing city staff to deal with every problem found in this country has to change course. With chaotic and uncertain financial changes looming, the City of Golden must focus on basic service obligations like maintaining our infrastructure and adding staff only where they will keep us safe and prosperous.

Golden has added too many staff and programs that address nice-to-do issues. When the hard times return, I am afraid the current council will protect those nice-to-do workers at the expense of the police, fire, public works, and finance staff that represent what the City of Golden is obligated to do.

I have been told that Heather is too conservative to be Mayor but this is exactly what we need right now, more than ever. When I look at the  craziness in this country and where it is leading us, I know that we absolutely must return to a focus on our basic responsibilities. When I look at what Heather Schneider has done with the Golden Civic Foundation, I know she will do a great job and I am proud to endorse her.”

– Mike Bestor, City of Golden, Retired City Manager (1993-2005)

“Heather was born and raised in Golden, Colorado and I have had the privilege of knowing Heather for the majority of her life. Within her role as the Executive Director of the Golden Civic Foundation, her contributions are always perceptive and insightful. Heather’s skills and personal qualities, along with her admirable work ethic and love for the city of Golden, create an atmosphere inviting younger community leaders to get involved. All the time I have worked with Heather she always demonstrates integrity and strong values. This is particularly evident within the city of Golden working with citizens, businesses, and nonprofit organizations alike. This translates into a high level of trust between her and those groups creating a partnership to benefit the organization. Heather encourages communication within the group, always valuing and respecting her colleagues and their input.”

– Tom Young, Golden Fire Department, Media Services Captain

“Working as a Pastor in Golden for over 20 years, serving as a Golden Police Chaplain for 15 years and now as a Golden Fire Chaplain; I have collaborated with Heather through many situations and projects.

Heather would be considered a subject matter expert in all things Golden. She grew up in the Golden community, raised her family here, works here and has firsthand knowledge of what shapes our unique Golden culture.

Her passion for our Golden family is demonstrated regularly through her willingness to serve important civic minded projects. I’ve observed her build bridges to support and resource all areas of Golden. These projects range from repairing homes, feeding kids/families, safety equipment for our Police Department and many more.

Overall, Heather’s character and competency is obvious. Her actions mirror her words. She has built a foundation of leadership in our community that cultivates a spirit of unity and care for everyone living in Golden.”

– Kevin Shive, Golden Police & Fire Department, Chaplain. Hillside Community Church, Lead Pastor

“I have had the privilege of knowing Heather for many years. Professionally we have worked together for the past 7 years. Heather’s leadership at the Golden Civic Foundation has been instrumental in creating growth and vitality for Golden’s businesses and non-profits. She is a no-nonsense leader that genuinely cares about her community.”

– Jen Thoemke, Connects Workspace, Chief Connector and Creator. Cafe 13 and Gold Mine Cupcakes, Owner

“It has been my distinct pleasure and personal reward to have had the opportunity to work with Heather. You know the old adage, hire for what you can’t teach and Heather excels in character, passion and attitude. Her leadership skills are built on a practice of self-awareness, self-evaluation, and self-improvement. Her decision making is grounded in common sense and good judgement. And, she understands that manners, language, behavior and actions matter as she attends to the culture of the organization.”

– Cheryl Haggstrom, Community First Foundation, Retired, Executive Vice President (1997-2020)

“We have a unique relationship with Heather – as business owners, as Golden residents, and as community volunteers. She excels at all levels. Heather believes strongly that the success of small business feeds into the community’s larger fabric and success. As such, she is a bridge-builder and problem solver, working to balance the needs of the community with the needs of a thriving business community. As residents, we truly appreciate Heather’s LISTEN first, then solve together, approach to our town’s growth and development challenges. From a volunteer perspective, Heather’s entire adult life has been in service to this community. There is no one more grounded and knowledgeable about the importance and maintenance of Golden’s unique character and traditions.

Heather believes in building a community from the inside out, enlisting and engaging residents in collaborating to make our unique town even better.”

– Dean and Aimee Valdez, 20+ year Golden Residents. Golden Business and Commercial Property Owners. Volunteers on 5 Golden Non-Profit Boards.

“Heather Schneider puts the Gold in Golden! Born here, raised here and still lives here – she is all of us. She understands the character of what makes Golden so special. It’s about bringing people together – residents, locals, businesses and nonprofits all coming together as a community of one. Whether you’re north Golden or south Golden, old Golden or new Golden, Heather embraces us all — as Team Golden. I’ve worked with Heather for many years on Golden Women in Business projects and Buffalo Bill Days parades. She understands the importance of our traditions in the community and will advocate to keep them in place, while developing and supporting the fresh and creative ideas that are helping Golden thrive. Heather has her ears tuned to the voices and needs of her constituents. I’m proud and honored to endorse Heather as our next Mayor of Golden, Colorado.”

– Stacy Fowler, 25+ Year Golden Resident. Golden Entrepreneur

“It is my pleasure to endorse Heather Schneider in her candidacy for Mayor of Golden. Heather has a true passion for Golden from being born and raised in Golden and now raising her family here in a great community that she truly loves. Her involvement in Golden demonstrates her commitment to make our small authentic and unique town the “Best it can Be” for all people, those who live and work in Golden and those who visit our community. Her strong leadership abilities with a common-sense approach that is founded on being an active listener, building trust, having integrity, promoting bridge building, being a collaborative problem solver and developing relationships will serve Golden well into the future with a vision of Golden being the model for a “thriving small town” while preserving its character, history and tradition.”

– Dave Shuey, 50+ Year Golden Resident. Past City Councilor (1990-1994)

“I first met Heather 14 years ago through our work in starting the Golden Young Professionals and was immediately impressed by her natural leadership and eagerness to give back to the community. Since that time, her civic involvement has continued to spread through many sectors of Golden, with one common denominator: she is passionate about keeping Golden special, true to its small-town character and charm. And now, after witnessing her success leading the Golden Civic Foundation these past 7 years, I can think of no better person to guide our community through the many complex challenges ahead.”

– Brian “Q” (Quarnstrom), Golden Group Real Estate, Broker/Co-Owner. Golden Young Professionals, Co-Founder

“I heartily endorse Heather Schneider for Mayor of Golden! I have been privileged to know Heather since she was a child in Golden, and have enjoyed following her rise as a leader in her hometown. Heather has not been a politician, but a dedicated Golden Citizen and contributor to the community. She is aware of the great issues and the not-so-great problems and how to bring people together to solve problems. Her leadership on The Golden Civic Foundation has been stellar! I have found Heather to be very thoughtful in her assessment of our current issues in Golden. With three children in Golden schools, she has an appreciation of the needs of our youth. Conversely, as her mom, Claire is a senior, and my friend, she is aware of the needs of seniors to have a supportive government. And…that being said, Heather is the middle section of the demographics, a lady with the energy to get stuff done! Have had the pleasure this past year of working with Heather on the DDA, as I was chair and she was Vice-chair, and I could always count on her to present reasonable and responsible dialog to our meetings. So, VOTE for HEATHER!”

– Karen Oxman, Downtown Development Authority, Commissioner. Past City Councilor

“Having known Heather since she was a teenager up until we served together on the Golden Civic Foundation, I have the first-hand privilege to witness her resolute dedication to promoting community engagement and fostering sustainable development, values that deeply resonate with the citizens of Golden. Heather’s commitment to actively listening to the concerns of fellow citizens and integrating their input into effective problem-solving and policy making reflects a truly democratic and inclusive approach to governance. Drawing from her experiences as the Executive Director of the Golden Civic Foundation, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), the Golden Good Government League (3GL), Golden Nonprofit Leadership Round-Table, Golden Schools Foundation, Leadership Golden, and collaborative work with public officials, Heather possesses the necessary skills and insights to address our city’s challenges in protecting its character.

In addition to Heather’s impressive credentials and accomplishments, it is her genuine ardor for Golden that distinguishes her. Her profound comprehension of our city’s heritage, culture, and demographic diversity showcases her ability to connect seamlessly with individuals from all walks of life. This authenticity deeply resonates with the people of Golden, fostering trust in her relentless efforts on their behalf.”

– Pat Madison, Golden Software, Founder/Retired. Golden Civic Foundation, President. Rotary Club of Golden

“I vote Heather Schneider for Golden Mayor! Heather is an effective leader who listens and has a proven skill to bring the right people together to address and solve community challenges. With her extensive community involvement, Heather understands what makes Golden so special and how to rally people in support of community needs.”

– Kim Brock, Golden Schools Foundation, Past Chair

“I believe Heather has a proactive and balanced view on the environmental challenges that Golden faces moving forward, and would connect well with the community, to provide a cost effective and proactive approach to these environmental challenges, by using her talent for bringing the community of Golden together, to share in the cost saving benefits of environmental stewardship.”

– Dennis Tulenko, REM (Registered Environmental Manager) with the National Registry of Environmental  Professionals, (NREP), a Golden resident, CU graduate, and President of Trans-Tech Energy and Environmental, Inc., in Golden